TextingOnly Entry Points: Streamline Customer Journeys and Own Your Data

By Mark Nugent

June 17, 2024

In today’s world, customers interact with your brand through a multitude of channels. Phone calls, contact us emails, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, web forms… the list goes on. Each channel is an “entry point” – the first stop on a customer’s journey with your business. But juggling multiple channels and their unique requirements can be a logistical nightmare. Enter TextingOnly for your SMS messaging channel.

Simplify and Streamline with TextingOnly Entry Points

TextingOnly simplifies customer journeys by turning SMS texting automations into an entry point. How does it work?

No matter where a customer discovers your brand, the entry point is the same – a seamless transition to a text conversation.

More Than Just a Text: Customizable Automations

Once a customer enters your SMS ecosystem, TextingOnly takes over:

  1. Conversational Messaging: Gather essential customer information through a series of automated questions, just like a web form but more interactive.
  2. Interactive Text Response Menus: Provide customers with options and guide them through a visual menu. Think of it like a phone menu, but on their screen.
  3. Interstitial Menus: Offer pathways based on language preferences or other criteria, ensuring a personalized experience.

Why TextingOnly Entry Points make sense:

  • Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly on any mobile device, regardless of operating system.
  • Channel Agnostic: Functions across social media, email, and even offline materials like print and direct mail.
  • Performance Tracking: Get detailed analytics on each entry point’s performance, so you know what’s working and what’s not.
  • Data Ownership: Unlike anonymous messaging platforms, you own the customer data collected through TextingOnly.

The TextingOnly Advantage

Imagine running the same customer journey across Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, LinkedIn, and more – without the complexity. TextingOnly eliminates the need for platform-specific strategies, consolidating your efforts and giving you complete control.

Are Your Entry Points Optimized? Find Out with a Texting Audit

Curious how TextingOnly could transform your customer interactions? Consider a texting audit. We’ll evaluate your current entry points, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate how a switch to TextingOnly can save you time and resources while boosting customer engagement.

Ready to streamline your customer journeys and take control of your data?Contact us today to learn more about TextingOnly and schedule your free texting audit.

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