Use Case

Lead Capture for Live Events

I need to start capturing leads at live events via SMS.

Tired of wasting time at events manually collecting business cards? Paying for fancy scanning equipment? Let us handle your data collection campaigns and automatically build your follow-up list.

Simplify your live event lead capture experience with TextingOnly.

live event lead capture

How It Works

Customize All Questions

Easily tailor your lead capture questions to gather the specific information that you need. Our system is super flexible, so you can set the tone that you want.

Streamline Lead Capture

Future partners and clients will all be able to easily submit their details via text from their device. All conversations start with the scan of a QR code.

Supercharge Your Introductions

Stop struggling with outdated methods to connect with prospects. TextingOnly brings modern efficiency to your live events & frees up valuable time.

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