TextingOnly + OTTO

Effortlessly Personalize Customer Interactions with OTTO

This no-code conversational SMS bot allows you to tailor automated text experiences to your organization’s unique needs. Easily build customized messaging journeys for leads and customers directly within the TextingOnly Dashboard.


What is OTTO?

OTTO is a no-code SMS bot by TextingOnly that empowers businesses to create automated texting channels for data collection, interactive menus, and outbound communication. Customizable through pre-built templates or unique campaigns, OTTO integrates seamlessly with print and digital marketing via QR codes and Click to Text.

QR Code to Text Automations

Scanning a QR code instantly launches an SMS window on the user’s phone, where they can answer pre-defined questions within the message window. Their responses are then automatically sent to your business via email or text message.

Media supported: Video and print.

Click to Text Automations

This captures mobile user inquiries by launching an SMS window directly on their device. The automation then transition users to a data collection flow within the SMS window. This flow involves users replying with specific keywords, numbers, or phrases to answer questions.

Media supported: Digital and web.

How OTTO works

Step 1: Customer Entry Point in SMS

It starts with a QR Code that is scanned by the user or Mobile Link (Click to Text), which then opens SMS on the user's phone. Once the user scans the QR code or clicks the mobile link, the SMS conversation will begin on the device.

Step 2: Interactive Text Menu or Data Collector

Once the prospect hits send from the Opt-In message, the lead qualification funnel then launches. The SMS conversation and lead data collection is underway and OTTO is keeping track.

Step 3: Automated Interactions

After the prospect engages in the SMS conversation, a new lead alert is then delivered via email. Leads can also be viewed, and downloaded as CSV, in the administration dashboard.

Step 4: Customer Communication Preference

Once the prospect completes the questions, they receive a custom message with verified contact information for their phone's contact list. This step works to ensure a more successful sales follow-up for one to one messaging, phone call, or email.


Click to Text Automations

Easy to use and requires no coding.

OTTO is a customizable SMS data collection system used to ask questions inside of the SMS framework on the prospect’s phone.

SMS skips the email inbox and spam filters. SMS is convenient, personable, and quick. SMS produces a high response rate, a higher engagement rate, and a higher percentage of truly qualified leads.

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Take Lead Funnels to the Next Level

Personalize interactions

OTTO can help you to personalize interactions with leads and customers by using their name and other personal information. This can make your interactions more relevant and engaging.

Automate repetitive tasks

OTTO can automate repetitive tasks, such as sending out SMS messages, qualifying leads, and collecting customer questions. This can free up your staff time to focus on more important tasks.

Track and measure results

OTTO provides detailed analytics so you can track and measure the results of your lead funnels. This information can be used to improve your campaigns and processes over time.


TextingOnly's platform generates everything you need for to create SMS Automations

  • QR Code Generation (shown)
  • Click to Text Automations via Mobile Link Creation Tool for Campaign Attribution
  • MMS Capabilities
  • Customizable No-Code Data Collector
  • No-Code Interactive Text Response (ITR) Menu
  • Spanish/English Translation Funnels- Create and Translate
  • Automated List Building
  • Outbound Automations to ITR
  • Engagement Funnels Analytics
  • Lead Notification System

Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see how OTTO can work for your business.

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