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SMS Marketing Use Cases

Reach and engage your customers more effectively with TextingOnly solutions. Businesses that take advantage of SMS marketing are more likely to report success than those that leave texting out of the mix.

Here are some of the most common use cases of our powerful and versatile software.

SMS use cases

Do any of these use cases fit you?

email on phone

I want to convert my old email list to a new SMS marketing list.

Keep your email list but also use it to build out a new SMS list to augment your marketing efforts. Our email-to-SMS-conversion solution makes it easy to bridge the gap between email and SMS. Simply send an outbound email campaign that includes one our smart links that can detect between mobile and desktop to ensure a seamless opt-in experience. Your new SMS list will begin to grow organically with each opt in and you’ll be able to send outbound SMS campaigns soon thereafter. Learn More


I want an SMS solution that handles different languages.

Bridge the communication gap by integrating our powerful multilingual texting solutions into your marketing and/or communication efforts. Break down language barriers. Texting is becoming a more frequent choice of communication for all generations – in all languages. Build custom language funnels to automate repetitive conversations in an effective way. Learn More

live event lead capture

I want to start capturing leads at live events via SMS.

Stop struggling with outdated methods to connect with future clients at live events. TextingOnly brings modern efficiency to your in-person events and frees up valuable time & resources. Forget wasting time at events to manually collect business cards, or paying for fancy scanning equipment. Let us handle your lead capture campaigns and automatically build your follow-up list. Learn More

Texting group

I want to send advanced outbound texts with reply automations.

Interested in sending out advanced outbound texts with automations so that they are not sent out into a black hole? We don’t blame you. A lot of SMS solutions are still extremely simplistic. Our outbound SMS solution offers up easy automations for any replies to outbound sends. Choose from multiple automation setups and free up valuable resources for messaging follow-up. Learn More


I want to manage SMS marketing for multiple clients in one place.

Are you in the marketing industry and/or currently leading SMS campaigns for multiple clients? Our powerful and flexible SMS platform is built with agencies in mind, so it’s simple to manage multiple clients in one convenient dashboard. With a subgroup setup, the TextingOnly dashboard makes it easy to segment by whatever groups or segments that you need to define. Learn More

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