Use Case

Advanced SMS Outbound with Automations

I need to send advanced outbound texts with reply automations.

Stop sending out business texts into a black hole. We have intelligent solutions to handle replies. Choose from multiple automation setups and free up valuable resources for messaging follow-up.

Continue interactions with customers after sending outbound texts and gain valuable insight into what is working and what isn’t.

Texting group

How It Works

Build a New SMS List or Import an Old SMS List

Easily deliver customized SMS campaigns to hundreds or even thousands of prospects and/or customers at once.

Easily Segment, Customize & Set up Automations

It's simple to segment lists and create custom SMS campaigns. Set up automations to handle any responses, too.

Free Up Valuable Time and Resources on Follow-Up

Figure out what to do with your time, because you no longer have to sit around and reply to incoming texts all day.

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