TextingOnly: Multilingual SMS Funnels

TextingOnly bridges the communication gap by providing a seamless multilingual texting experience for your business.

Just like a voice menu, TextingOnly guides non-English speaking customers through a text-based menu in their preferred language (Spanish, French, etc.).

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Two-Way Translation

Create in English Publish to Language of Choice

Create text messages in English and TextingOnly will translate them to the chosen language for your customer.

Receive Responses from Funnels

Customers can respond in their preferred language, and TextingOnly translates it back to English for you.

Click to Text and/or Print to Text

Simplify communication with automated texting options from different entry points.

Customer Communication Preference

Available for Data Collectors, Interactive Text Response Menus, and one-on-one texting channels.

Break Down Language Barriers

Texting is becoming a more frequent choice of communication for all generations. Why? Texting is convenient and effective. Response rates and interaction times are quicker and longer with SMS vs. other types of communication.

Customize & Automate

Language Funnels with  ITRs allow businesses to automate repetitive conversations in an effective way. Customers, clients and prospects can gain access to relevant information easier with customized SMS conversations. Our system is highly flexible.

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Increase Engagement with ITRs with Language Funnels

Inform Better, Interact Better

Our Interactive Text Response (ITR) menus allow for detailed and highly informative conversations with a wider audience, including both current and prospective customers. Once the user scans a QR code or clicks a custom mobile link, a language-aware ITR menu launches within their SMS messaging app. Customers/prospects can interact freely with the ITR in their preferred language, receiving information or answering questions in a way that feels natural.

Benefits of using Language Funnels

Improve Customer Experience

Provide a more personalized and convenient communication channel for your customers.

Increase Efficiency

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with clear, two-way communication.

Boost Engagement

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with clear, two-way communication.

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