Sponsorship Platform

TextingOnly’s sponsorship platform is designed to help sports teams quickly launch and activate sponsorships.

OTTO uses QR Codes to deliver rosters to straight to the phones of fans. When a fan scans a QR Code at a sporting event, they are prompted to opt in to receive the roster via SMS.

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Increase Sponsorship Value & Fan Engagement

Eliminate Paper Rosters

OTTO in an SMS bot that can be customized to meet the sponsorship needs of both athletic teams and athletic departments. Our system increases sponsorship opportunities by providing a QR code, ‘sponsored by’ messages, and roster delivery.

No more paper rosters at games.

Generate Sponsorship Revenue

Easily introduce a new way to increase fan interaction during any sporting event at any time of year. Our SMS-based solution is for any organization that is looking for new ways to monetize athletic programs while also generating sponsorship revenue and value.

No coding. Customize your messaging.

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OTTO is easy to use and requires no coding. 

OTTO is a customizable SMS bot that provides sponsorship campaigns for organizations. OTTO uses QR Codes to deliver rosters to fan’s phone.

When a fan scans a QR Code at a sporting event, they are prompted to opt in to receive the roster by SMS. The SMS message includes the roster and a message from the sponsor.

The platform also allows organizations to send additional sponsored messages and build list for alumni, event promotion, and fan engagement.

Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see how OTTO can work for your team.

OTTO + Sponsorship

QR Code is Scanned

Users scan a QR code at a sporting event to receive a roster to their phone.

Sponsored Messages

"Sponsored by" images and messaging appears in the initial SMS conversation.

Roster Delivery

The roster or that event will then be delivered to users as a high-quality image.

Mobile Business Card

The final message in the SMS delivery will contain a mobile link that can be saved as a contact card.

Take your Sponsorship Activation to the Next Level

Personalize interactions

OTTO is an SMS bot that can be launched by scanning a QR code, clicking on a mobile link, or texting a keyword.

Create sponsorship campaigns

Quick self-service menus allow quick enablement of sponsor images along with fully customizable messaging.

Track and measure results

Get detailed analytics so you can measure the results of your lead funnels. Improve your campaigns & processes over time.

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