TextingOnly + Entry Points

An entry point is the first step a customer takes to interact with your business online.  This allows businesses to receive SMS online, by placing a  “text us” link on web or social. TextingOnly transforms these entry points into automated text message channels. Whether collecting customer data automated SMS messages, or guiding users through interactive menus, TextingOnly simplifies the process.


Transform Print & Clicks into Powerful Text Conversations: TextingOnly Entry Points

Print-to-Text Automations

Make Your Print Media Interactive: QR Codes that Text

Turn print into interactive conversations. A simple QR code scan on printed materials launches a text messaging app on the user’s phone. They can answer questions or provide information directly within the text thread, and their responses are instantly delivered to your business via email or text. This feature works seamlessly with both print and video media.

Click to Text Automations

Transform Clicks to Conversations: Seamless Texting from Content

Turn clicks into text conversations. Embedded in digital and web content, these links launch a pre-populated text message on the user’s device when clicked. Users can then answer questions or provide details by replying with number menus, or open ended questions, making it an interactive and efficient way to gather information.

How Automated Text Messaging Works

Step 1: Customer Entry Point in SMS

It starts with a QR Code that is scanned by the user or Mobile Link (Click to Text), which then opens SMS on the user's phone. Once the user scans the QR code or clicks the mobile link, the SMS conversation will begin on the device.

Step 2: Interactive Text Menu or Data Collector

Once the prospect hits send from the Opt-In message, the lead qualification funnel then launches. The SMS conversation and lead data collection is underway and placed in customer journey funnel.

Step 3: Automated Interactions

After the prospect engages in the SMS conversation, a new lead alert is then delivered via email. Leads can also be viewed, and downloaded as CSV, in the administration dashboard.

Step 4: Customer Communication Preference

Once the prospect completes the questions, they receive a custom message with verified contact information for their phone's contact list. This step works to ensure a more successful sales follow-up for one to one messaging, phone call, or email.


Click to Text Automations

Easy to use and requires no coding.

TextingOnly is a customizable SMS marketing platform and provides the tools needs for inbound and outbound business texting.

TextingOnly leverages automation for inbound messages, but doesn’t leave you managing an endless stream of texts. Instead, it delivers email notifications with message summaries, allowing you to integrate customer inquiries seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Ensure deliverability with text verified numbers. This helps your messages avoid spam filters and reach your customers effectively.

TextingOnly: The Text Messaging App Designed for Businesses

Seamless Click-to-Text Links

TextingOnly provides intelligent links that seamlessly connect website visitors to their native SMS app. No more remembering numbers or extra steps – just a single click opens a pre-populated text message.

Interactive SMS Menus

Enhance the customer experience with SMS menus. These menus can guide customers through various options, mirror your phone system's options, and even link to specific web pages or promotions.

Zero-Party Data Collection

TextingOnly prioritizes your customer's privacy. It collects zero-party data, meaning the information you receive comes directly from the user, giving you valuable insights without sacrificing customer trust.

Automated Lead Capture

TextingOnly leverages automation for inbound texts, but doesn't leave you managing an endless stream of SMS conversations. Integrate customer inquiries seamlessly into your existing workflows.


TextingOnly SMS Marketing Platform- Everything you need for Business Texting

  • QR Code Generation (shown)
  • Click to Text Automations via Mobile Link Creation Tool for Campaign Attribution
  • MMS Capabilities
  • Customizable No-Code Data Collector
  • No-Code Interactive Text Response (ITR) Menu
  • Spanish/English Translation Funnels- Create and Translate
  • Automated List Building
  • Outbound Automations to ITR
  • Engagement Funnels Analytics
  • Lead Notification System

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