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Dashboard Overview

TextingOnly dashboard

Dashboard Overview: Displays a summary of your account, including subgroups, campaigns, and messages.

  • Subgroups Summary: Provides a quick view of your subgroups with the option to click for more details.
  • Numbers– Shows numbers being used on the TextingOnly Platform and the type of Campaign. 
  • Lead Collectors– Summary of all Lead Collectors in the account
  • Lists– Shows Number of lists that are active in the TextingOnly Platform
  • Group’s Users– Shows users and permissions associated with your account.
  • Contacts- Shows number of contacts in the platform and list association.
  • Conversations– This shows the total number of conversations open.
  • SMS Campaigns– This shows the outbound campaigns assigned and campaign type (Advanced, Basic, and Send Only)Shows One to One and Bulk Send Campaigns for Outbound.
  • Templates and Snippets- Shows templates and snippets that can be used for frequent communication for outbound one to one or bulk send
  • Reports- Shows Outbound, and Inbound SMS, MMS Campaigns with message counts.
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