Seamless Lead Capture: From Desktop to Mobile with TextingOnly

April 25, 2024

by Mark Nugent

The Challenge: Capturing Leads Across Devices

In today’s digital landscape, businesses need to be present wherever their customers are – and that increasingly means mobile. Studies show that a whopping 58% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Businesses have adapted with solutions like click-to-call extensions, perfect for the on-the-go user.

But what about the remaining 40% of desktop users? Clicking a “Call Us” button only to be met with an unsupported extension creates a frustrating dead end. The user is forced into a clunky transition to mobile, potentially losing interest altogether.

Is this the desktop to mobile experience?

TextingOnly: A Smarter Click-to-Call/Text Solution

TextingOnly offers a re-imagined approach to capturing leads across devices. Intelligent links automatically detect the user’s device and deliver a seamless experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • A desktop user clicks a TextingOnly link (Desktop or Mobile detection).
  • The link generates a QR Code as the entry point to transition desktop to mobile.
  • Scanning the QR Code triggers a branded page loader (“Taking you to SMS for [Your Company Name]”).
  • The user opts-in for SMS communication.
  • TextingOnly delivers the phone number directly to the user’s SMS window, allowing them to initiate a call with a single tap.

Benefits of TextingOnly:

  • Seamless Transition: Eliminates the frustration of unsupported extensions.
  • SMS Opt-in Capture: Build your SMS marketing list for future campaigns.
  • Detailed Reporting: Track user interactions (opt-ins, calls, etc.) for effective marketing analysis.
  • Re-engage Unconverted Leads: Leverage SMS marketing to reach those who didn’t initially call.

By implementing TextingOnly, businesses can bridge the desktop-mobile gap, capture valuable leads, and ultimately drive sales.

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