Maximize Your Social Media ROI with SMS: The Power of Intelligent Link Automation

By Mark Nugent

June 27, 2024

Social media is a mobile-first world. With over 58% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, businesses need to adapt their strategies to meet customers where they are. This means optimizing not only for mobile viewing but also for mobile interaction. A powerful way to achieve this is by integrating SMS (text messaging) into your social media campaigns.

SMS advertising has become increasingly popular in the United States, as consumers embrace its convenience and directness. With the ubiquitous use of smartphones, text messages have become a primary communication channel, making them a highly effective way for businesses to connect with their target audience. SMS advertising allows for instant reach, personalized engagement, and a non-intrusive approach that respects consumer preferences by allowing them to easily opt in or out.

  • Facebook: 98% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile.
  • Instagram: Instagram is roughly the same with 98% mobile usage, driving mobile experiences with features like Stories and Reels designed for mobile consumption.
  • Overall Trend: It’s safe to say that the majority of social media users are primarily mobile, making SMS a highly relevant channel for engagement.

The Rise of Mobile Social:

Consumers increasingly prefer businesses that offer SMS communication.

Research shows that:

  • Over 50% of consumers are more likely to choose a business that offers SMS as a communication channel. (Source Luisa Zo)
  • SMS enables businesses to instantly reach a vast audience and engage with customers on a personal level. Moreover, consumers appreciate the opt-in nature of SMS advertising, giving them control over the messages they receive.(Source: Statista)

These tools can:

  1. Detect Device Type: Automatically route mobile users to an SMS-based call to action (CTA) and desktop users to a relevant landing page to facilitate the transition to the mobile SMS app.
  2. Open SMS App with Prefilled Opt-In: Trigger the user’s SMS app to open with a pre-filled message containing an opt-in keyword or phrase, ensuring compliance with SMS marketing regulations.
  3. Create Campaign Funnels: Track user interactions from the initial click through to conversion, providing valuable data on ROI.
  4. Deliver Personalized Messages: Send targeted offers, reminders, or follow-ups via SMS, building a direct and trusted communication channel.

Use Case: Increasing Foot Traffic with SMS Coupons:

If you are trying to increase foot traffic or drive customers to location based businesses, consider a simple Facebook Call to Action-

  • Mobile Users: Tap on the ad and their SMS app automatically opens with a pre-filled message like “IN STORE COUPON”. They simply hit send to opt in and receive the mobile coupon via MMS.
  • Desktop Users: Click on the ad and are directed to a landing page that guides them to scan a QR Code to Receive the Coupon via SMS message.

The Benefits:

  • Higher Contact Rates: SMS provides a direct and immediate way to reach customers.
  • Improved Conversion: Mobile coupons are convenient and encourage immediate action.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Track the effectiveness of different social media posts and campaigns through SMS engagement.
  • Compliance: Ensure your SMS marketing practices adhere to regulations by obtaining explicit opt-in consent.

By embracing SMS as part of your social media strategy, you are adapting to mobile trends, and opening up a powerful new channel for customer engagement and conversion. Intelligent link automation tools make this integration seamless, effective, and compliant, helping you maximize the ROI of your social media efforts.

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