Click to Text – Interactive Text Response(ITR)

March 11, 2024

by Mark Nugent

Adding a Click to Text-ITR Automation is very similar to setting up a phone number for someone to call your business. When setting up a phone number, you have to choose if you want to have a live person answer and direct the call or do you want the caller to choose from a menu, and be prompted by an Auto-Attendant or an Interactive Voice Menu (IVR) then route the call. Some of the call options to a business can be fairly complex and require multiple menus or call queues that may involve several steps to reach the desired person/department.

Applying Voice Menus to Text Menus

The same applies to texting. What do you want to accomplish with providing a text option? Are you making it easier to reach sales, service, staff, or all?

Live Answer is One to One Text Messaging

The equivalent of a live answer is one-to-one text communication. This requires staffing, reporting on call/text answer rates, hold/response times, hang-ups/no response, and transfers to department based on the reason for the call/text. This is a significant challenge for most businesses, large or small, so they typically choose to use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menu to route callers, which requires less manpower than live answering.

Call Flows for IVR’s can be applied to Interactive Text Response Menus

Most businesses are relying on an auto-attendant or IVR to handle calls most efficiently. Using an Interactive Text Response (ITR) Menu can be effectively used to route text inquiries to the proper department, each department can have unique data collection, self-service options, and reporting.

Data and Reporting is Essential in a Texting Channel

The system’s reporting tracks engagement, interactions, partial engagement, and inquiries by department or campaign in the Interactive Text Response Menu. Essentially, every interaction is tracked and organized into actionable insights. An ITR menu combined with this reporting allows businesses to gain valuable insights into every customer interaction, ensuring efficient routing and improved customer satisfaction.

It only takes a few minutes to add Texting Communication channel to your website with our click-to-text-mobile link tool. Schedule a call with our team today!

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