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Improve Communication and Increase Efficiency

TextingOnly provides dynamic SMS automations that save time by better qualifying prospects. Create lead campaigns in minutes. Increase the accuracy of your lead funnels, automate tasks, and reduce human error.

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Home Services Sample Use Cases

Direct Mail

Add in a QR-code-to-SMS option in direct mail campaigns.

User Surveys

Gain insight from current customers via a SMS conversation.

Lead Capture

Get stronger, more reliable leads for new potential customers.

SMS Tools for Home Services Companies

Improve Lead Quality

SMS is a valuable tool that can be utilized in marketing campaigns to interact directly with prospective customers.

Out platform works to qualify leads in a way that inherently boosts the quality of lead data and leads to a stronger set of potential new customers. We make it easy to create customized conversations that will get the answers to questions you really need to know.

Boost Engagement and Interactions

TextingOnly with OTTO provides dynamic SMS automations that save time by qualifying prospects through a lead  funnel.

OTTO is a no code SMS data collection tool that can be customized to meet the specific needs of Home Service providers. OTTO is user-friendly and easy to create customized lead funnels, returning the responses into TextingOnly’s Dashboard.


Requires no coding and easy to get started

TextingOnly’s platform generates everything you need for direct mail, print, digital, and streaming platforms to support direct response campaigns.

→ Campaign Creation
→ SMS Number with OTTO
→ No-Code Customization
→ QR Code Generation
→ SMS Data Collector
→ Conversational SMS
→ Lead Notification System

Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see how OTTO can work for your team.

OTTO + Home Services

QR Codes to Start the Interaction

Lead funnels can be set up and used in print campaigns, digital media, signage, and display for direct response.

Spanish/English SMS Conversation Options

Generate more leads and revenue and eliminate some communication gaps by utilizing our multi-language capabilities.

Get Leads from Print Materials

Use SMS-enabled QR codes and mobile links to connect directly to SMS lead funnels.

Convenient Online Dashboard

All campaigns are accessible in our convenient online dashboard for viewing and downloading.

Modernize Your Intake Funnels

Personalize interactions

OTTO can help you to personalize interactions with leads and customers by using their name and other personal information. This can make your interactions more relevant and engaging.

Automate repetitive tasks

OTTO can automate repetitive tasks, such as sending out SMS messages, qualifying leads, and collecting customer questions. This can free up your staff time to focus on more important tasks.

Track and measure results

OTTO provides detailed analytics so you can track and measure the results of your lead funnels. This information can be used to improve your campaigns and processes over time.

How OTTO works

QR Code Scanning

Users scan a QR code to start the interaction and opt in to the conversation.

SMS Delivery

Our SMS platform allows you to dictate the questions and flow of the conversation.

Customize messages

All messaging can be customized to provide the exact interaction you're looking for.

Mobile Business Card

The final message in the SMS delivery will contain a mobile link with contact information.

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