Email to SMS Conversion

Supercharge your email strategy with targeted, high-impact text messaging. Easily convert existing email lists to the SMS channel with our push-button, opt-in solution. Intelligent links and QR codes ensure a smooth opt-in experience across all devices.


The TextingOnly Solution

Easy Integration

Embed our intelligent links into your existing email campaigns for simple opt in.

Smart Detection

Opt-in links will automatically adapt to the user's device (desktop or mobile).

Seamless Opt-in

Desktop users scan a QR code; mobile users directly launch their SMS app.


Segment your list and send tailored text messages. Modernize now.

A pair texting

TextingOnly makes it easy to bridge the gap between email and SMS

Intelligent Opt-in: Our smart links automatically route users to the best experience (QR code for desktop, direct SMS launch for mobile).

Segmentation & Personalization: Interactive Text Response (ITR) menus help you understand subscriber preferences for targeted messaging.

Streamlined Workflow: Automate SMS updates and easily build your list with seamless integration.

Drive Action: Complement your email campaigns with timely SMS promotions for increased clicks and conversions.

Boost Engagement: Get important messages seen with SMS’s sky-high open rates and fast response times.

Grow Your Reach: Effortlessly expand your audience and enhance your email list with targeted SMS opt-ins.

Unlock the Power of SMS

Boost Engagement

Reach your audience where they're actually paying attention – their phones.

Monetize Your Email List

Drive actions and conversions with targeted SMS campaigns.

Increase Opt-Ins

Make it easier than ever for email subscribers to join your SMS list.

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