TextingOnly + Agencies

Marketing agencies can use TextingOnly with OTTO to create personalized, conversational SMS lead funnels that are easy to deploy and track.

Agencies can create a single account that can be used to manage all their clients’ SMS marketing campaigns.

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SMS Marketing Platform for Agencies

No Code Necessary

OTTO is easy to use and requires no coding, and is a customizable SMS lead collection system that can be easily customized.

Create organization structures, campaigns, serve multiple clients, and for permission-based SMS.

Automate Lead Qualification

OTTO is a powerful tool that can help agencies automate their lead qualification process for clients – and improve their lead generation results.

Easily ask qualification questions inside of the SMS framework on the prospects phone.

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Manage Clients Efficiently

Whether you have 5 clients or 500, it’s easy to manage all of their SMS needs with TextingOnly.

Our easy-to-use admin dashboard allows for agencies to manage each client’s account independently. And this is all while maintaining just a single parent account.

With our Agency Plan, agencies can maintain one single account and add unlimited subgroups (clients). Each subgroup can then be managed separately, allowing the agency to help maximize client ROI while keeping agency operations simple.

Agency Plan Highlights

Centralized management

Agencies can manage all of their clients' SMS marketing campaigns from a single dashboard.

Permission-based access

Agencies can control which clients have access to which features of the platform.


TextingOnly's Agency platform can scale to meet the needs of agencies of all sizes.

TextingOnly for Agencies is adaptable and flexible


Agreements are flexible based on projects, volume and customizations.


TextingOnly is an extension of your Agency. Create custom and unique campaigns using SMS.


Increase engagement. Improve communication. Increase Revenue.


Provide your clients with an effective strategy that increases conversion.


SMS is a must have in a tech stack. What is your SMS Strategy?


Integrate SMS to Agency Tools like Google Analytics to measure results.

Layer SMS

Add a new layer and communication to your marketing.


Extend the reach of your organization with more frequent SMS campaigns.

Agency Plan Features

Personalize interactions

OTTO can help you to personalize interactions with leads and customers by using their name and other personal information. This can make your interactions more relevant and engaging.

Automate repetitive tasks

OTTO can automate repetitive tasks, such as sending out SMS messages, qualifying leads, and collecting customer questions. This can free up your staff time to focus on more important tasks.

Track and measure results

OTTO provides detailed analytics so you can track and measure the results of your lead funnels. This information can be used to improve your campaigns and processes over time.

SMS Messaging Features

One-to-One SMS Messaging

Send personalized messages from local numbers. Engage directly with prospects.

Send SMS from Multiple Numbers

Receive messages from multiple senders and send from various local phone numbers.

Contact List Management

Save unlimited lists for easy organization. Segment lists into groups, and use for re-marketing.

Message History & Archiving

Easily view conversation and SMS message history over time with individual prospects.

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