Bulk SMS Campaigns

Deliver customized SMS campaigns to hundreds or thousands of contacts at once. Send marketing offers, alerts, or other important messages with ease — and set up automations to handle responses to free up valuable resources.


What Differentiates Our Bulk SMS

Custom Messaging by Segment

Customize outbound SMS messages based on list and keywords. You can schedule one campaign but with custom messaging by segment.

Easy Automations for Replies

Choose from multiple automation setups for any replies to outbound SMS messaging campaigns. Free up resources for messaging follow-up.

Campaign Registration

Ensure that outbound SMS messages reach intended targets. Register campaigns with carriers and ensures that messages are not marked as SPAM.

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Automate Bulk SMS Replies

Not only can you customize and personalize the initial outbound send of bulk SMS campaigns, but any replies can be handled with easy automations.

Choose the type of automation to attach to an outbound bulk campaign:

Modernize Your Bulk SMS Sends

Personalize Messages

You can send in bulk but personalize messaging at the same time. Customize outbound sends by list and keywords.

Avoid Repetitive Workflows

Avoid creating new work responding to SMS campaign replies by setting up easy automations in your online account dashboard.

Track and Measure

View detailed analytics of your custom SMS campaigns. Track, measure and improve your campaigns over time with powerful reporting.

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