TextingOnly: The SMS Solution for Athletic Departments

  • May 04, 2024

The Automated SMS Solution for Enhanced Communication and Monetization

May 4, 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations constantly seek innovative ways to connect with their audiences. Whether it’s a university engaging students and alumni, or an athletic program looking to maximize sponsor value, effective communication is key. That’s where TextingOnly’s platform steps in, offering a powerful SMS solution that streamlines communication, boosts engagement, and opens up new monetization opportunities.

Monetizing Athletic Programs with TextingOnly

Sports teams and athletic departments know that strong sponsorship programs are essential. TextingOnly empowers you to elevate your sponsorship game. Easily launch and activate lucrative sponsorships by creating targeted SMS campaigns that directly reach your most engaged fan base. Additionally, TextingOnly’s QR code-based roster distribution puts player information right into the hands of attendees at the game, and those watching the stream from home!

Strengthen Alumni Engagement the Smart Way

Maintaining strong relationships with alumni is pivotal for any institution. TextingOnly helps you cultivate these connections. Collect data, segment your alumni base, and send personalized messages that resonate. Whether it’s promoting events, highlighting achievements, or driving fundraising campaigns, TextingOnly helps you engage your alumni in a meaningful way.

Streamline Event Logistics and Beyond

Open houses, tours, games, gatherings – TextingOnly smooths the path. Seamlessly integrate QR codes into your visitor registration process. Instantly capture names, contact details, and other relevant information. This lets you personalize follow-up and build stronger relationships with your community.

TextingOnly: The Perfect Complement to Email

We know email marketing is powerful, but let’s maximize its impact! TextingOnly gives your audience another way to connect. Integrate SMS opt-ins into your email campaigns. Now you can deliver timely updates, event reminders, and critical alerts directly to your subscribers’ phones – increasing the chances of them seeing your important messages.

Why Choose TextingOnly?

  • Streamline event promotion and attendee tracking with QR codes
  • Enhance alumni engagement and drive fundraising initiatives
  • Streamline visitor registrations and data collection
  • Enhance email campaign effectiveness with OTTO’s outbound SMS capabilities
  • Optimize athletic program sponsorships with OTTO’s sponsorship platform
  • Foster meaningful connections with students, alumni, and sports fans
  • Effectively monetize your campus community
  • Ease of use: Even if you’re new to SMS, TextingOnly’s intuitive interface makes it easy.
  • Data-driven insights: Track campaign performance and optimize your messaging.
  • Unsurpassed compliance: Rest assured your communication follows industry regulations.

Ready to see how TextingOnly can transform your organization? Schedule a demo today!

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