TextingOnly for Digital Agencies

  • Dec 07, 2023

The Automated SMS Solution for Marketing Agencies

In the dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve and adopting innovative strategies is essential for success. TextingOnly’s OTTO, empowering marketing agencies to seamlessly integrate SMS into their client campaigns, automate interactions, and enhance customer engagement.

Click to Text Automations

TextingOnly eliminates the complexities of SMS integration, providing a fully functional Click to Text Automations that seamlessly connects to SMS 10DLC compliance. This integrated solution streamlines the process of creating and managing automations for client campaigns, ensuring that agencies can quickly and easily leverage the power of SMS without the hassle of piecing together different tools.

Automate SMS Interactions for Lead Generation

TextingOnly empowers marketing agencies to automate SMS interactions, freeing up their time to focus on strategic planning and client relationships. By utilizing TextingOnly’s data collectors and Interactive Text Response (ITR) menus, agencies can create personalized conversational SMS intake funnels that capture valuable customer data, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

Unleash the Power of Sub-Accounts for Effective Management

TextingOnly’s sub-account feature provides marketing agencies with the flexibility to segment client usage, campaigns, and client permissions. This granular control ensures that agencies can effectively manage multiple client campaigns without sacrificing data privacy and security.

Track Customer Journeys Across Online and Offline Channels

TextingOnly provides comprehensive customer journey tracking, enabling marketing agencies to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns. By tracking scans (QR Code), Mobile Link Clicks (Digital), Opt-Ins, Name of Person (Message ID), Geo Data, Partial Engagement, and Completed Engagement, agencies can identify key touchpoints and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

Connect SMS to Web Analytics for Enhanced Attribution

TextingOnly facilitates seamless integration with Google Analytics, allowing marketing agencies to tie SMS campaigns to web analytics data. This integration provides a holistic view of customer interactions, enabling agencies to accurately measure the impact of their SMS campaigns on website traffic and conversions.

Leverage Automated Outbound Communication for Personalized Outreach

TextingOnly automates outbound SMS communication, ensuring that agencies can maintain consistent and personalized interactions with their clients’ customers. Inbound campaigns are automatically added to a list for outbound communication, allowing agencies to further engage with potential customers through targeted messaging.

Industry-Templated Collectors for Easy Customization

TextingOnly provides industry-templated data collectors that can be easily edited to fit the specific needs of any industry. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for coding expertise and empowers agencies to quickly create and deploy effective SMS campaigns across a wide range of industries.

No-Code Required for Easy Campaign Management

TextingOnly intuitive user interface allows marketing agencies to build and manage SMS campaigns in minutes, without the need for any coding experience. This user-friendly approach streamlines the campaign creation process and empowers agencies to focus on strategic initiatives.

Effective SMS Marketing for Your Clients

TextingOnly was built for marketing agencies seeking to enhance their clients’ SMS marketing strategies. With its automated features, comprehensive data tracking capabilities, and unwavering commitment to compliance, TextingOnly empowers agencies to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive conversions, and achieve sustainable growth for their clients.

Empower Your Clients Text Automations: Schedule a Free Demo Today

By incorporating OTTO into your marketing agency’s operations, you can:

  • Streamline SMS integration without the hassle
  • Automate SMS interactions for enhanced efficiency
  • Unleash the power of sub-accounts for effective management
  • Track customer journeys across online and offline channels
  • Connect SMS to web analytics for enhanced attribution
  • Leverage automated outbound communication for personalized outreach
  • Utilize industry-templated collectors for easy customization
  • Create and manage SMS campaigns without any coding
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