Beyond “Please Listen Carefully:” The Modern Call Reduction Strategy with Texting

By Mark Nugent

May 23, 2024


We’ve all experienced the frustration of endless phone menus, pressing 0 just to reach someone. Businesses have long used call reduction strategies to manage costs, but often at the expense of customer experience. Customers expect phone hold times to be at least five minutes. Adding a texting channel as a call diversion strategy can be a positive interaction, and statistics show that consumers prefer this approach a 63% of the time when given the option.

Traditional Call Reduction: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

  • The Goal: Reduce staffing needs, direct callers efficiently.
  • The Reality: Confusing menus, long wait times, customer frustration.
  • The Cost: Lost sales, damaged brand reputation, higher operator workload.
  • The Missed Opportunity: Ignoring the fact that most consumers (63%) actively seek solutions online or prefer text-based support before resorting to a phone call.

Texting: The Call Diversion Channel:

Enter Interactive Text Response (ITR): Offer callers a text-based menu via SMS. This is especially valuable after hours when live support may not be available.


  • Reduced call volume: Customers self-serve, freeing up resources.
  • Improved experience: Visual menus are easier to navigate.
  • Accessible: Serves those with hearing impairments or language barriers.
  • Data collection: Gather valuable customer insights.
  • After-hours support: Provide instant assistance even when your team is offline.

TextingOnly: Simplifying the Text Response Experience:

Entry point creation tools: Make it easy for customers to initiate text conversations via website buttons, email links, or social media that are created in the TextingOnly dashboard.

  • More than just menus: Create interactive journeys, link to web content, collect feedback.
  • Multilingual support: Serve diverse customer bases with ease.
  • Integration with voice menus: Offer texting as an option within existing IVR systems.
  • Empower agents: Equipped with customer data from text interactions.

Maximizing TextingOnly’s Entry Points for Call Reduction:

  • Website: Add “Message Us” buttons prominently at the top, bottom, and contact page.
  • Email: Include links that launch the user’s SMS app with a pre-populated message.
  • Social Media: Use TextingOnly’s link tools to create interactive text menus directly from your social profiles.

Building a Text-Powered Call Reduction Strategy:

  1. Analyze call data: Identify common inquiries suitable for text diversion.
  2. Design intuitive text menus: Keep it simple, offer clear options, and personalize where possible.
  3. Promote text options: In IVR prompts, on your website, through social media, and in after-hours messages.
  4. Measure and optimize: Track text interactions, gather feedback, and refine your strategy.


Call reduction doesn’t have to mean sacrificing customer satisfaction. TextingOnly offers a solution that aligns with customer preferences. Businesses streamline operations and cater to the 63% seeking text-based solutions, while customers enjoy a convenient, personalized experience. It’s time to ditch the endless hold music and embrace the future of customer communication.

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