Beyond the Inbox: Why SMS is the Missing Piece in Your Marketing Puzzle (and How to Use It)

by Mark Nugent

May 14, 2024

Let’s face it, email is cluttered. With multiple accounts, overflowing inboxes, and spam filters on overdrive, reaching your audience can be a struggle. Studies show that over 85% of email is spam, forcing providers to implement aggressive filtering. This pushes legitimate emails into promotions, social, or even junk folders, leaving your message unread.

  • Open Rates: Even if your email makes it past the spam filter, open rates are 17-28% depending on the content.
  • Click-Through Rates: Around 2.5%, actually click on your links.

SMS: A Powerful Complement to Email

Don’t abandon email. SMS can work alongside your existing strategy. Use targeted SMS campaigns to drive clicks or highlight time-sensitive promotions. Texting cuts through the noise, ensuring your most important messages get seen and acted upon immediately.

TextingOnly: A Seamless Bridge Between Email and SMS

TextingOnly provides a simple solution to integrate SMS into your existing email strategy. Their intelligent link automatically detects whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device and delivers a tailored experience:

  • Desktop Users: A QR code is displayed, allowing users to scan with their phone’s camera and seamlessly opt-in to your SMS list using their mobile phone.
  • Mobile Users: Clicking the link directly launches the SMS app on their phone, streamlining the opt-in process.

SMS: A Powerful Ally, Not a Replacement

SMS doesn’t replace email, it strengthens your strategy. Use email for in-depth content, while SMS drives clicks to that content or highlights urgent updates. Because SMS messages are read before deletion, your message has a much higher chance of being seen and acted upon.

The SMS Advantage: Cutting Through the Noise

Texting offers a powerful solution. SMS messages have a high open rate, with most being read within minutes of receipt. This direct channel ensures your message gets seen and avoids the pitfalls of email overload or infrequency of users checking email messages.

Beyond Opt-In: Segmentation and Personalization

TextingOnly goes beyond just building your SMS list. Interactive Text Response (ITR) menus allow you to gather user preferences and segment your audience for more targeted communication. This ensures subscribers receive relevant messages, keeping them engaged and reducing opt-outs.

Is Your Email Strategy Stuck in the Past?

If you’re still relying on mass email blasts with low engagement, it’s time for a refresh. TextingOnly can help you:

  • Monetize your existing email list with an SMS communication strategy.
  • Enhance your email list with SMS opt in for better targeting.
  • Automate SMS updates and list building for a streamlined workflow.

Ready to take your communication to the next level? Schedule a call with our team today!

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